About us

Welcome to the Polish Groomers Association! We are an association of professional groomers and enthusiasts of the animal care industry in Poland. Our goal is to promote high standards in animal care and hairdressing, educate our members and popularize responsible care for furry friends.

We are proud that as an Association we represent the grooming industry in Poland. Our membership includes experienced groomers who constantly develop their skills and strive to improve their knowledge. We operate as a platform that enables the exchange of experiences, training and support for our members.

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Master Grooming Show

Master Grooming Show is a prestigious industry event gathering professionals from all over the world. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, improve your skills and establish contacts with other grooming enthusiasts. Workshops, shows and presentations by grooming masters allow you to learn new techniques and information about the latest trends and tools. Master Grooming Show is a place where you can draw inspiration, develop professionally and share your passion for animal care.

Regulamin Master Grooming Show

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Pet grooming show

Pet Grooming Show is a unique event created for people who love grooming and want to start their adventure with the world of competitions. The created categories are addressed to enthusiasts of commercial cutting, i.e. the cutting that accompanies us in our daily work, and to young groomers. Pet Grooming Show is an excellent opportunity to get used to the atmosphere of competitions, learn about emotions, rules and make new friends. Each participant has the opportunity to learn the judge’s opinion about his or her work, which allows you to further improve your skills.

Regulamin Pet Grooming Show

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our partners

how to become a partner

We invite you to cooperate and support us! If you are interested in becoming our partner or sponsor, we are open to various forms of cooperation. With your support, we can continue our mission and deliver high-quality services and initiatives to our members. Together we can achieve a lot and contribute to the development of the grooming industry in Poland. Contact us to learn more about collaboration opportunities and how you can become part of our community.

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