Groom Team Poland is a unique team of professionals in the field of grooming, representing Poland at international competitions and shows. These are talented groomers who have mastered their skills and represent the highest standards in the pet care industry. Groom Team Poland is known for its passion, creativity and precision in performing hairstyles for animals. Their participation in prestigious competitions is not only an opportunity to win prizes, but also to represent Polish grooming internationally. Groom Team Poland is the pride of our industry and a source of inspiration for other groomers in Poland.


The Polish Groomers Association is honored by the fact that the president of EGA – European Grooming Association, a multiple winner of international grooming competitions, a world-famous and outstanding groomer, agreed to become the team’s coach – Umberto Lehmann. Groom Team Poland, under the supervision of the master, started training to prepare the team to participate in the World Team Championships, which will take place in 2024. The team’s coach will appoint the Polish National Team, which will compete with the best groomers from around the world.

Umbero Lehmann

In The TEAM:

Bogna andrzejczyk

magdalena błońska

krzysztof czarnecki

szymon karnaś

marka kędra

anna krauze

tatiana rzeszutek