Board of the Polish Groomers Association

Our management board consists of professionals with extensive knowledge and passion for animal care, who work together to develop the grooming industry in Poland. We strive to promote the highest standards in this field, organize educational workshops and provide support and development for our members. Meet our leaders.

magdalena błońska

Bogna Andrzejczyk
vice president

Paulina Orzeł

krzysztof czarnecki
vice president

Organizing committee of the Polish Groomers Association

Our Committee consists of experienced professionals from various fields who devote their time and knowledge to the development of our grooming industry in Poland. Together we work on planning and organizing important events, training and initiatives that aim to improve the quality of services and benefits for our members.

mariusz świercz

kamila urdas

bartłomiej zdziesiński

Audit Committee of the Polish Groomers Association

The Audit Committee of the Polish Groomers Association is a group of committed professionals whose main goal is to ensure the transparency and integrity of the association’s activities. Our committee is responsible for assessing the Association’s finances and activities, as well as monitoring compliance with laws and regulations. We operate independently, ensuring that the Association’s funds are used in accordance with our statutes and values. Our work supports maintaining high ethical standards and fair management, ensuring a peaceful and secure future for the Association’s members.

beata gazecka

wiesława latoś

dorota gusowska